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Assingment Blue

Teaching students how police officers protect their freedoms.

To “Protecting Our Freedoms” team has created a free program for law enforcement and educators who want to be innovators in the classroom. All you need is a connection to the Internet, and we can make it happen. Assignment Blue is part of a new interactive world. Imagine your students interacting with an avatar, asking questions, and getting the answers in real-time. Imagine a character working alongside a police officer engaging with your students in the classroom.


Our Story

We recognize challenges educators have in teaching subject matter that may not rate high on a student's list of favorites. Assignment Blue is a unique learning experience that engages students of all ages. An avatar comes directly into the classroom, accompanied by a police officer, and interacts in real-time with students. The Avatar can call on specific students within the classroom to ask and answer questions, which makes this program unique and engaging. Bringing a character to life that talks back and forth with the class and an officer adds an impressionable dimension to the lesson. From the first moment that the Avatar says hello, all eyes are on him.

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