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Let your school know there are free program available  that teach students about the constitution and the bill of there rights and the freedom that were granted tp them by the founding fathers


The assignment blue program uses live avatars working side by side with a police officer in the classroom. Imagine that, kids can not only talk to the police officer but they can also converse with the avatar live. To see kids light up in a classroom when an avatar sees them and can talk to them and have a conversation with them is just amazing to see.

Using this technology gives the students in the class an entertaining and informative presentation as they have never seen before.

By supporting this program you were helping to preserve the freedoms that our forefathers fought so hard for. The protecting our freedoms initiative is focused when making sure that our freedoms not only continue for us but continue for the next generation.

Working side by side with your local police department

Bringing interactive technology to the classroom

Building community relationships

Asssignment Blue.jpg

The assignment blue program was developed using today's technology to help local police departments reconnect with the citizens that they protect. We created this program to be entertaining and informative. Not only is this program engaging it’s a fantastic learning tool..

All that is needed for this technology to work in a classroom is an Internet connection. The avatar can be controlled from anywhere in the country an be streamed live into the classroom. The avatar partners with a police officer of the local department.

The best thing about assignment blue... it builds a relationship between the community and public law enforcement. Currently, in today’s environment, this has become very important. If we want to continue to enjoy the freedoms that we have. We need to understand and have the ability to support local law enforcement.


Want to get involved? We can only protect our freedoms with help from you. It's not just about donations, it's about you making an impact. It's time to become a minuteman of today and join the fight! 

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